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When your entire plumbing system is automatically scheduled for annual inspections, cleanings, and adjustments, you can be sure that potential problems will detect before they become costly and hazardous. Proper maintenance helps promote the longevity and effeciency of your equipment, which means fewer repairs and lower utility bills.

1. Emergency Tagging System - quick easy identification of emergency shut-offs.

2. Water Heaters - drain and remove sediment, check operation.

3. Gas Water Heater - Check for CO 2, check burner assembly.

4. Check Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve.

5. Electric Water Heater - adjust thermostat setting for greater efficiency and safety.

6. Toilets - inspect tank, conduct dye test, check ballcock and flapper.

7. Water Pressure Regulator - evaluate the pressure of incoming water line and make necessary adjustments.

8. Safety Check Throughout the Home - inspect entire plumbing system; tighten loose faucet handles, packing nuts and make minor adjustments as needed.

Heating and air conditioning maintenance

15 Point Service Check

Maintenance programs you can trust


One Maintenance Check


1. Clean flue pipes and base at chimney

2. Check exhaust pipe integrity

3. Clean burner assembly

4. Adjust and check thermostat

5. Check fan and limit control

6. Oil blowers and motors

7. Check belt and adjust tension

8. Check the thermocouple, temperature rise

9. Check combustion

10. Check ignition system

11. Check pilot burner

12. Visual check of gas line

13. Check complete furnace cycle

14. Check heat exchanger

15. Check relief valve, expansion tank


One Maintenance Check


1. Clean flue pipes and base at chimney

2. Clean burner and nozzle assembly

3. Adjust and check thermostat

4. Check fan and limit control

5. Oil blowers and motors

6. Check belt and adjust tension

7. Check transformer

8. Check draft over fire

9. Check combustion chamber

10. Change oil filter

11. Change nozzle

12. Visual oil pump pressure

13. Check complete furnace cycle

14. Check heat exchanger

15. Check relief valve, expansion tank

Heat Pump & AC

HP includes two maintenance checks,

One winter and one summer maintenance

AC contract includes one summer maintenance only


1. Install gauges and check operating pressures

2. Check voltage and amperage to all motors with meter

3. Check air temperature drop across evaporator

4. Check for adequate refrigerant chard and possible leaks

5. Check evaporator superheat

6. Lubricate all moving parts

7. Check belt and adjust tension

8. Check filters

9. Check pressure switch-out settings

10. Check electric lock out circuits

11. Check starting contactorcontacts

12. Check all wiring and connections

13. Clean and adjust thermostat

14. Check air temperature across condenser

15. Check condensate drain

Preventative service program

8 Benefits for you...

1. Priority Service - when we get swamped with calls, you go to the top of the list.

2. 15% Discount - all repairs for your mechanical systems including plumbing, heating and air conditioning.

3. 5% Discount - any replacement equipment needed for heating and air conditioning.

4. Regular Preventative Service - lower operating cost and extend the life of your equipment.

5. Worry Free and Hassle Free - we will send you a yearly reminder that your equipment needs to be serviced.

6. Yearly Check-Up of Your Equipment - keep it in top operating condition.

7. We will Check Your Filter - dirty air filters result in 80% of all compressor failures.

8. We will correct small problems before they become major expenses and make necessary recommendations.